The SACRED DANCERS OF ANGKOR bring to life the fascinating legends of the Mahabarrata and the Ramayana depicted on Angkor Wat bas-reliefs, respecting the authentic Khmer Classical Ballet as inscribed at UNESCO. All roles are performed by female dancers, with male dancers only holding Warrior Monkey roles.

“They were as accomplished as the very best classical dancers in the royal ballet troupe, and considering their youth, gave a perfect demonstration of why Cambodian classical court dance has captivated and entranced audiences since the beginning of the 20th century.” Andy Brower (November 2018), TripAdvisor

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A Traditional Art
The Sacred Dancers of Angkor is the first spiritual dance troupe of Cambodia, born and trained in the heart of the Khmer cultural heritage site of Angkor.

Passion & Dedication
With intensive daily training, they have mastered the delicate skills and have perfected the movement and rhythm in absolute synchronisation. They are determined to protect, promote and perpetuate the authenticity and magnificence of the emblem of the Khmer culture.

A Cause
In 2007, The Nginn Karet Foundation for Cambodia (NKFC) established the first rural training centre for dance, music and craft skills called the NKFC Conservatoire Preah Ream Buppha Devi. Their mission is to reduce poverty and dependence through the implementation of projects that meet basic needs through sustainable development.

We also provide unique bespoke experiences such as temple & special occasion blessings, Divine homestays and cooking lessons are available. 

CONTACT: / 012 77 26 41 
LOCATION: 234 River Road, up river from Jaya River Park Hotel